20 week bumpdate!

20 WEEKS! Oh my goodness, I cannot explain how amazing and surreal it is to be halfway through my THIRD pregnancy! 20 weeks until I get to meet my sweet rainbow baby! 20 weeks until we get to kiss her little cheeks and introduce her to her big brother and sister!


This pregnancy has been immensely harder than my first two children, both emotionally and physically. The beginning of my pregnancy I was so nauseous and in a lot of pain caused by a gallstone. Luckily, it fixed itself, but I could not eat much for a few weeks and anytime I did, I had intense pain. (It was awful!) I have also already begun having braxton Hicks.

Emotionally, I have been absolutely drained from the beginning. While I feel so blessed and excited to be carrying my sweet baby, I am always nervous something will go wrong after my previous loss in August of last year. Every appointment I hold my breath until we hear her heartbeat and I just pray and pray that she will kick when Iā€™m feeling anxious about her.

We have had a few complications so far. Around 15 weeks I had some blood work done (a multiple marker screen) and they came back high risk for Down Syndrome. We did the panorama testing (more detailed) and those tests came back low risk. Then, at our anatomy ultrasound her cerebellum measured smaller than what it should be. With those combined issues, our OB wants to send us to a maternal fetal medicine specialist for a level 2 ultrasound and genetic counseling. We go to Dallas on the 22nd of May for that. Hopefully, everything will be okay, but we will love our sweet girl no matter what happens!


We are all so excited to meet her! EJ talks about how her baby sister is coming to her house soon and wants to touch and kiss my tummy all the time. R is starting to understand a little bit and loves to touch my tummy when EJ does! We are all so excited to be a family of 5!


How far along: 20 weeks! Baby is the size of a banana!!

Due date: September 22nd

Cravings: Jack in the box tacos have been my biggest craving this pregnancy! I also crave veggies, olives, candy, and turkey sandwiches (warmed up of course!)

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, back pain, sore boobs, tons of round ligament pain, and crazy hormones! I find myself more emotional and easily agitated some days.

Physical changes: I definitely feel like my belly has grown so much faster this pregnancy than my previous ones! I have already transitioned to mainly maternity clothes and leggings. My breakouts have also been pretty bad as my skin is so sensitive with this pregnancy.

Movement: Oh my, can this little lady kick! She moves multiple times a day and I love getting to feel her! She moves a lot when EJ or R talk to her, or when Iā€™m watching a video with my phone rested on my belly haha! She loves to curl up in a ball and push up against my stomach to make her presence VERY known!

Most excited about: Where to start! Mainly just getting to meet and love on her! Iā€™m so excited for EJ and R to meet her and to see them all together. Iā€™m excited to watch her grow and learn and get to go through all the beginning milestones with her. I cannot wait to be a mom of three!!


Baby Davis #3 Gender Reveal!!

We are expecting our third baby after two babies and one miscarriage. This baby is our sweet rainbow baby and we feel so blessed to be able to call this baby ours!

Currently, I am 12 weeks pregnant (almost into the second trimester, woohoo!)! So far, my symptoms are mild most days except for headaches almost every day. I’ve been pretty exhausted (but that could just be thanks to the two toddlers I already have šŸ˜‚) and I’ve had nausea but mainly only when I smell something strong or that I don’t like.

Yesterday, we had our gender reveal with all our family!! We have said the whole pregnancy we didn’t care what the gender was, as long as it’s a happy healthy baby. ā¤ļø but we were leaning towards a girl since our first was a girl! This baby is our tie-breaker after a 2 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. Last Tuesday, my husband, our kids, my husband’s mom and his aunt, and I went to an ultrasound and did the sneak peek! We also got to see how big our sweet baby is growing and it jumped!! The heart rate was 179 šŸ˜ My mother in law was emailed the results, and she was the only one who knew until the party!

I absolutely loved our decorations for the party. Our theme was He or She, what will it BEE? šŸ

Everyone gathered at our house, and we shot off confetti cannons!

Baby number three is a…

šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’ GIRL!! šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’