Recently, we found the BEST toy set!

PicassoTiles is a company that makes amazing, fun, interactive magnet sets that are not only fun for all ages, but educational, too!

We received the 40 piece Mini Diamond Series set. It came with 4 isosceles triangles, 16 squares, 12 equilateral triangles, and 8 right triangles. The tiles are embedded with magnets all along the edges and are very sturdy! We have built towers, rockets, animals, and so much more!

These tiles are wonderful! My kids love to play with them and will do so for hours! The possibilities are literally endless. The can build flat designs, 3D designs, shine light through them, use them on the refrigerator, etc. if they can dream it then can do it! These are amazing to teach children how to play and be creative on their own, or fun for the whole family!

And one of the best parts? They are so easy to pick up, organize, and they are compact, when stored! Check out PicassoTiles.com or check them out on amazon! You’re kids (and you😉) will love these! 😍

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