All Bodies are Good Bodies

When we say “all bodies are good bodies” we have to include our own.

This has never rang more true in my entire life! I’ve struggled with body image for so long, and having babies did not help the situation. But I have to remember, my body is AMAZING. My body held, protected, and birthed 3 babies!

And now, it has gone through a gallbladder surgery and still is taking care of me. It’s truly amazing how strong my body is and I’m so proud of all it’s been through!

The stretch marks, cellulite, stretched skin, “chub”, and now gallbladder scars just show how powerful I am and how much I’ve concurred. They don’t make me who I am. Although my body looks totally different than it was many years ago, life has changed and so has my body. That’s something I’m slowly becoming okay with. 🌻

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