These are the Best Days

My shirt reads: “These are the best days”. Challenging, hard, and unbelievable — these words make more sense when I think of our current situation now. Everything about life is messy, and feels unknown, but it is up to us to decide what to remember and feel after this ends. While right now may seem like the farthest thing from “the best”, I hope we all can look back and think of all the positivity that came from this.

May all the children remember nothing but a time when all the moms and dads were at home and drawing and playing board games. May we remember watching our littles learn and thrive. May we remember getting creative and having fun. May we remember this as the time we all got to stop and be present.

Then, when this is over, may we never take for granted a hug from a friend, a trip to the store, conversations with neighbors, a school rush in the morning, a roaring stadium, a boring Wednesday, and most importantly: life itself.

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