Our experience at Little Land

Little Land Play gym is easily one of our favorite indoor play places to take the kids! This Little Land is located in Tyler, Texas but they have many other locations throughout Texas. Both of the kids always play for hours and they even have an area for babies like A!

What is Little Land?

Little Land is an amazing, fun indoor play place that offers a unique experience for kids to not only have a blast, but also develop and grow. Each component of their gym was designed by pediatric development experts! They’re committed to being a place where kids can just be kids while also focusing on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and language, social and sensory development and so much more while offering an unstructured place for family fun.

Our experience:

Every time we go to Little Land, each of the kids find something they love to do separately and together. Their open play area is separated by small gates throughout. I absolutely love this because it creates different places for different ages and abilities. There is a big open play area complete with so many fun things for all ages! Then, there is a smaller area for smaller babies (any age can play here but its perfect for littles that are just learning to toddler around). Did I mention all of their equipment is safe for up to 300 pounds? That’s so great for my husband and I because our kids love for us to be right there with them while they play. They also have a café (with FREE wifi) and benches for parents who would like to relax while their kids play! Each time we go is like a completely new experience because there are so many different toys and activities.

Our favorite things:

Pediatric Steamroller Ramp: The name is pretty self explanatory, but this giant steamroller ramp is perfect for both of my kids that crave what we call “heavy work”! They can scoot on their bellies, backsides, or bottoms! This ramp makes EJ feel so brave and provides her with body awareness and calming, sensory pressure stimulation!

The Black-light Room: This is a separate room closed off by a curtain. There is a bubble tube column, a white ball pit, and super fun outer space paintings. The best part? It all GLOWS! The kid’s clothes will also glow if they’re white or a light color. This room is definitely one of EJ’s favorites, she cracks up when she realizes her socks are glowing.

Giant Pin Art Impression and Giant Lite Brite Wall: These toys are my personal favorite because they make me think back to my childhood! There are giant versions of the popular kid toys! The giant pin impression is so fun because instead of just your hand, you can imprint your entire body!

3-in-1 Barrel swing: This swing is a blast! R and EJ love to take turns spinning in circles in this barrel swing! Fast or slow, their faces always light up when they spin in this!!

Platform Swing: This swing is my personal favorite to do with A. I can lay down in the swing with her or the kids can sit on it and swing high.

Ball Pits: Little land has 3 ball pits! One giant one in the open play area, one smaller one in the littles area, and one in the black light room! The ball pits are our family’s favorite thing in little land to do all together! We all have such a blast jumping straight into the ball pits. The kids love to be buried underneath the balls! The bright colored balls are so fun for A.

Ball Wall: This wall is so much fun! There are different tunnels to put the balls in and air sucks them up and through! Each tunnel is different and the kids love to watch as the balls fly through loops and down through the tubes.

Playground: Inside little land is an entire playground! There’s a climbing wall, bridge, slide, and even monkey bars. Such a great and safe playground surrounded by squishy bean bag pads all around. This is perfect for R because he likes to randomly jump off of high places and he’ll land right on the bean bags!

Toy Area: In this separate area, there is a check-out stand complete with food, a wall of interlocking gears, and so many toy options ranging from princess castles to race car tracks and so much more! This is a calm space for all ages and is separated by an open fence from the large open play area. The check out stand is one of EJ and R’s favorite things to do together! They always pretend to sell ice cream and other groceries to each other.

Little Land is such a fun indoor play gym and is perfect for any weather. We’ve gone while it’s storming, while it’s burning up outside, and just on a typical day and we always are so happy that we do! Little Land has become one of our favorite things to do together as a family. Their calm, inviting atmosphere always makes us feel welcome and the employees are always so helpful and kind. I recommend it for all families with children any age!

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