Diaper Bag Essentials (with links!)

When it comes to new babies there can be a lot of new, unfamiliar things to learn. Learning how to change diapers, how to swaddle, and getting ready to take your baby out in public. One of the most important questions you may be wondering: what do you REALLY need to pack in your diaper bag?? We all know the basics: diapers, wipes, changing pad. As a first time mom, though, there were so many things that I didn’t even think about until I needed them! Here are 13 of my must-have diaper bag essentials!

  1. A change of clothes: There will come a time when that unexpected blow out happens, or your baby will spit up all over their new outfit. That’s when a change of clothes, maybe even two, will save your day. I love these button up sleepers by Carter’s! They’re super convenient and warm!
  2.  Receiving blankets: I like to pack a receiving blanket to have with me on outings for added warmth or for everything from laying baby down at the park to shielding baby from the sun in the stroller. These simple swaddles work well, because they’re not too bulky but provide good protection.
  3.  Diaper Clutch and mini baby bum brush: Okay, if you haven’t seen these before, you need to go purchase one right this minute! The clutch is perfect for on the go changing when you don’t want to take in your entire diaper bag and even has a built in compartment for your wipes, a spot for your diapers, and your bum brush! The bum brush is an easy way to apply diaper rash cream mess free! TARA20 gets you a discount at checkout!
  4.  Extra pacifiers: My daughter loves her pacifier so we always have a couple extra packed in case we lose one or drop one and don’t have time to rinse it off. These Evenflo pacis are her favorite.
  5.  Changing pad: Aside from the fact that the changing table in a public bathroom is probably not where you want to put your baby’s bare bum, a lot of restrooms don’t even have a changing table, so having a portable changing pad is very convenient. Plus, I use mine as a mat to lay on at the park. The mat I have is an older one, so I linked one very similar here.
  6.  Extra socks: These are great to go with onesies when its a little chilly outside.
  7.  Formula dispensers: If you’re formula feeding you don’t want to carry around a whole can with you. These are so convenient and great for travel as you simply mix each feed as you need it.
  8.  Bottles: Again, if formula feeding you’ll need bottles and water to take with you on outings. We use doctor brown’s bottles and pre-fill however many ounces of water baby needs.
  9.  Teether: Once your baby starts teething, Sophie La Girafe is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew. She is perfect for soothing baby’s sore gums when teething!
  10.  Wipes: You always need wipes- from cleaning up blow outs and wet diapers to wiping whatever gunk ends up on baby’s face. We love the up and up fragrance free from target. The price is great and they are the softest wipes we have tried.
  11.  Diapers: You should plan to have 1-2 diapers for every hour you’ll be out. Plus I always pack a couple extra in case of multiple blowouts. Pampers work best for my sensitive baby.
  12.  Diaper rash cream: My baby’s have always been prone to get diaper rashes from poopy diapers incredibly fast, so I always try to keep diaper rash cream on hand. We get ours from a local seller, called Tushie Cream, but Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is definitely a close second!
  13. Burp cloths: For everything from spit up to boogers to drool while teething, burp cloths are one of the things I reach for a lot in my diaper bag. They’re also made to be softer on baby’s face than a towel or napkin.

**I also have two toddlers, so when I need to pack a bag for all three of my kids, I add an extra outfit, extra undies for my 3 year old and extra diapers for my 2 year old, some snacks, and sippy cups for them.

I purchased my diaper bag off a Facebook group, but I have linked a similar one here. I love this diaper bag! It has multiple pockets, and tons of storage.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this helped you prepare your diaper bag for your outings with your new baby! ❤️

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