Fun, educational toys, games, and books for preschoolers!

My kids love to learn new things! So, while they’re not quite old enough to start preschool, I have made a list of some fun, educational activities for kids around preschool age and younger! These would also make great homeschool tools for preschoolers.

1. Preschool learning fun workbooks:

Each book is specially developed to blend learning and fun in a way that helps build school skills. This set includes letters, colors, tracing and pen control, and numbers!

2. Pre-writing activity pack:

21 fun activities to help young children develop pencil control and promote writing readiness.

3. Wooden abacus counting beads toy:

This adorable abacus teaches children about numbers, counting, and math.

4. See and Spell Learning Toy:

A learning game for preschoolers that helps recognize words, spelling and memory.

5. Magnetic Building Block Set:

This STEM toy stimulate children’s imagination, inspire creativity, improve shape & number recognition, develop fine-motor skills, experiment with gravity & magnetic force.

6. Counting Sorting Bears Learning Toys:

The multicolored counting bears toddler preschool learning toys are unique counters designed to encourage STEM educational learning activities to help stimulate kid’s minds!

7. Magnetic Daily Calendar:

Teach the passage of time with this Melissa & Doug My Daily calendar. Its 82 magnets let children participate in planning family schedules by keeping track of the day, weather and upcoming events.

8. Preschool Curriculum Pack:

This preschool curriculum is a great pack for children ages 3-6. Lots of colorful and fun pages! There are 9 weeks of lesson plans included in this pack. Everything is planned out and ready to go!

9. Little Hands Ready, Set, Bodies:

A fun and interactive way to learn about ourselves. With 8 arts and crafts projects your little one can look within and see what makes them tick.

10. Wipe clean: Learning Sight Words:

Step-by-step activities to help children learn to sight-read, write, spell, and use 50 essential high-frequency words. Also included is a special pen and the activities can be completed, wiped away, and repeated.


  1. Renee says:

    I’m always looking for fun and educational things to do with my kids. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. shaddybiwott says:

    this will really come along way helping my niece and I I’ve always not known what to do. thanks for sharing


  3. aww my kids would love all these things! thank you for sharing!


  4. momelite2 says:

    These are cute ideas. I’ll keep these in mind when I shop for my nephews.


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