“My kid will never do that!”

We all know we were completely different parents before actually becoming parents, am I right?! We’ve all been there: walking through a store, a parking lot, or a restaurant and you hear a kid throwing the biggest tantrum! Or you see a kid climbing up everything like a monkey while his mom watches. You lean over to your friend or even think silently in your head, “my kid will never act like that!” I laugh a little now as I think about all the times I have said this!

Even as a new mom to a tiny baby not yet crawling, we think we’re invincible as we watch those moms carrying their screaming kid surfboard style. We used to think, “I would never let me kid act that like that!”, and now we salute those moms as we cross them because we know just 10 minutes prior, we carried our kids out of a building the exact same way.

Our strong-willed kiddos sure have taught us not to judge other moms! Even as parents with reasonably easy first kids, we get a kick to the face when the second one comes and wants to jump off of anything and everything and roll all over the floor! Yet another thing I used to say my kids would never do. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! With my first daughter, I was the kind of first time mom who never let her child touch the floor. Anything that touched the floor got wiped down and anytime she touched anything, she was immediately wiped down. I used a highchair and watched her with mama hawk eyes to make sure nothing gross came her way. Then came the second child, who wants nothing more than to roll around on the floor or to throw his food on the ground on purpose and then proceed to pick it up and eat it. Us moms of course just sit by and think, “Ehh, a good bath will get most of the germs off.”

You know what the best part is? Both of those moms are doing a great job!! Your kids are fed, happy, and content! Whether you’re a clean mom with wipes on hand, or a ‘whatever’ kind of mom who lets your kid eat that food he wants to throw (a little dirt never hurt anybody, right?), or whether you’re somewhere in the middle; we’re all great mommy’s! We show so much love and commitment to these little crazies, and in the end, we’re all just trying to make it out the door without a full blown meltdown.

So, first time moms, moms with the easy kiddos, or even those of you who have yet to become parents, take it easy with the stares when you catch me carry my screaming 2 and a half year old and 1 and a half year old out of the grocery store because we’ve had 20 “5 more minutes” and are running late. And get ready, because y’all are in for it too! And to the moms who are sitting by laughing because you know exactly what I’m talking about, I salute you!!

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