My 10 New Year’s Resolutions

2019. I can’t even believe I’m saying that. 2018 was a whirlwind year for me and my family. We found out a lot about R and EJ’s personalities and health this year. I lost a baby, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I’m so ready for 2019 to be a year of growth. 


I make a few resolutions at the beginning of each year that aren’t very important, but this year is really going to stick. These 10 resolutions are very important to me and my growth. ❤️


  1. Build my current friendships and meet new people
  2. Create and maintain a workout routine while also eating cleaner and healthier.
  3. ❤️ Love myself through everything ❤️
  4. Stop comparing myself and my life to others and to people on social media
  5. Be kinder and more patient
  6. Go to church every week and do my devotional everyday
  7. Stay steady in my faith
  8. Stop stressing the small stuff
  9. Be more grateful
  10. Drink more water



  1. Jessica Lyles, LMSW says:

    I love your resolutions as many people are (awesomely) focusing on themselves specifically improving their self care and I am here for it.


  2. joancajic says:

    Great resolutions I like that they are simple to follow and doesn’t really stress you out.


  3. These are great resolutions! I am partial to maintaining a workout routine because I love fitness. Haha! But all of your resolutions are amazing! You can do it!


  4. Ari Jade says:

    We definitely both share some of the same resolutions. Especially practicing kindness it’s so necessary nowadays


  5. hbrummett says:

    Girl! These are so similar to my goals for the year. I am so sorry for your loss this year. I can’t imagine that pain. Putting God first through devotion and leaning on your faith will help guide you through this year. Best wishes!


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you so much!! This made my day ❤️


  6. I need to work on stop stressing the small stuff too. Drinking more water is always a good thing.


  7. I think those are great New Years resolutions. It super important to set achievable, measurable goals to help us throughout the year.


  8. Terri Ramsey Beavers says:

    Your post made me realize I need to have more faith and drink more water this year as well. I hope you have a wonderful new year full of new beginnings and goals reached.


  9. These are great resolutions! I am also trying to work on being more patient in the New Year. I am not a very patient person and it causes me to get frustrated pretty easily … then I always feel bad afterward. So that’s a big one I’m trying to focus on this year 🙂


  10. this1mommytries says:

    I think my favorites on your list is Love Yourself and stop comparing yourself. I think in life in general for moms loving yourself often gets the most neglected.I hope this next year you find joy and happiness. It sounds like you are on your way, and that you are a very strong and amazing woman. Best of luck to you.


  11. nicoledurham says:

    Those are some really great new years resolutions. I like that they’re all so personal and manageable.


  12. With Love Moni says:

    Although I am completely a non resolution person but I loved your resolutions. All the best sweety and a happy new year.


  13. Those are some great, healthy and doable resolutions. I do share many of them with them. Great post, thanks for sharing.


  14. Great resolutions! It’s similar to my goals for life. Happy new year for you sweetie


  15. GladysNava says:

    You have an awesome list! I will make my own for sure. I love this post!!


  16. Bindu Thomas says:

    Great resolutions for a new year. These are easy steps for a happier life and thanks for sharing this post.


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