7 Keepsake Ornament Ideas

Baby’s hospital bracelet and hat ornament 


These are such a great way to save your baby’s hospital bracelet and hat. Every year, when you decorate the tree you will be reminded of the most special days of your life, the birth of your babies ❤️

To make this ornament, place the baby’s hospital hat, bracelet, and mom’s hospital bracelet into a clear ornament. We prefer plastic, so we don’t have to worry about the kids breaking it. 

These clear plastic ornaments are perfect, as the opening is all the way across the middle for easy opening. To finish is off, add your favorite ribbon to the top. 

Snowman ornament


For this craft, you can buy a plain blue or ornament (or whatever color you would prefer). Next, paint your child’s hand (we prefer the Crayola Washable Paint) and have them grab the bottom of the ornament like they are holding a ball. Each of their fingers are a snowman. 

Then, use sharpie markers to make the snowman’s features and write the date and child’s name on the bottom of the ornament. 

Wedding invitation ornament


This ornament is such a cute idea for a keepsake wedding ornament, or even an anniversary gift for your friends or family. For this ornament, I recommend these glass ornaments that open up at the top. (Just keep them on top of the tree if have kids who love to mess with the ornaments! 😜) 

  1. Cut the invitation up into long strips. I usually throw out the solid pieces and keep any sections that include words or decorations.
  2. Wrap the long strips around a pencil tightly to form a spiral. 
  3. Slide each spiral into the ornament and shake it around. 
  4. Add your favorite bow to the top.

Salt dough ornament


These are a fun ornament that your kiddos can get involved in as well! 

First, make your salt dough. 

Mix together: 

2 cups flour 

1 cup salt

1 cup water

Then, use your kids hands to create fun characters or shapes.

Once you make your creations, poke a hole at the top with a straw for hanging them on the tree. Then, bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours. You want to make sure the ornaments are dried all the way through. 

Next, you will paint your objects. I recommend using acrylic paint for these if you want them to stay for a long time. 

Last, spray your ornaments with an acrylic sealer to help them last. 

Baby’s first Christmas handprint ornament


For this ornament, I recommend buying a kit to make it super easy. We like the No-bake pearhead kit. This is such a great ornament that you can make with all of your kids each year and see how big their hands have gotten since their first Christmas. There’s nothing better than seeing your baby’s real handprint each and every Christmas. 

Memory time capsule ornament


To make a yearly time capsule you can place all your special items you want to save into a large ornament through the year. You could include small photos, little drawings, ticket stubs, or anything that means something to the family. You can even write or type out some memories and place them inside!

Then, each Christmas a new time capsule can be hung on the tree. Here is a very large plastic ornament which can be opened at the center to fill all year long. 

Another variation of this would be to write out something important each of your children accomplished that year, date it, and add it the ornament. One day, you can open up the ornaments and look back at all the amazing memories from all the years. 

Map ornament (mason jar lid)


These are super cute if you have someone in the family who loves to travel, or if you have a favorite place, such as your wedding venue or where your children were born. 

You’ll need:

•Map of choice

•Mason jar ring


•Pink (or red) puffy paint



•Hot glue/hot glue gun

  1. Loop a piece of twine through the lid ring and tie the ends into a knot.
  1. Trace the outside of your lid onto your map around your city of choice
  1. Cut the circle out carefully with scissors
  1. Glue the map circle carefully into the back of your lid ring (you might need to trim a little extra off around the edge of the circle).

5.  Turn your ornament over to the front and use your puffy paint to draw a small heart over the dot of your favorite city.

  1. Allow your mason jar ring map ornament to dry overnight.

I hope everyone loves these easy keepsake ornament ideas!! ❤️


  1. Mary Rohrer says:

    Wow I have tons of mason jar lids I don’t know why I didn’t think to do something with them before. Thanks for the ideas.


  2. I love these ideas! The snowman ornament would be an awesome to do with kids of any age. My kids would really enjoy making the salt dough as well.


  3. Cindy says:

    These are adorable! I love keepsake ornaments as gifts for loved ones!


  4. oh wow I luv luv the baby hospital bracelet as an ornament, excellent ideas for new mum


  5. Sonja- Too Much Character says:

    I love all of these ideas! What great keepsake ornaments to give away as gifts. We love doing the salt dough ornaments at my house. They are a hit!


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, so fun!


    2. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you!! Yes, they make perfect gifts for sure! 💕


  6. Nikki says:

    I love the baby hospital hat and bracelet as an ornament that’s an idea I wish I would’ve done this Christmas and maybe it’s not too late. I also love the handmade ornaments I’ve been seeing a lot about that I might do it this weekend I think that would be a cool crafts for my baby and I.


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Definitely not too late! ❤️ thanks so much for the compliment 💕


  7. successwithoutsleep1 says:

    Oh my gosh! I love the salt dough hand print ornament. I totally want to do that with Lennox. It would be cool to do one every year and have like a tiny tree with her hand ornaments on it. Thanks for the great ideas!


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I would love to see pictures if you decide to do them!! 🥰


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