Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is beautiful. 

Motherhood is love. It is loving someone else so intensely that your heart swells when you see them giggle.  It’s the kind of love you never even knew existed until you held your babies in your arms for the first time. It’s watching your babies learn to do things as simple as walk or talk and feeling overwhelmingly happy and proud. 


It’s worry and fear. Fear that you’re not doing everything perfectly by the books. It’s worrying when your children aren’t right next to you at all times that the worst thing imaginable will happen. It’s watching your heart walk around outside of your body. It’s watching them fall, but teaching them to get back up again. It’s kissing boo-boos and big bear hugs. 

Motherhood is sleepless nights. It’s dancing in the kitchen in the middle of dinner. It’s blowing bubbles and daily park trips. Its rolling around on the floor, endless tickle fights, and big, deep belly laughs. Its never ending laundry (but for real, where do all these clothes come from and why does it never end?!) It’s letting go of perfection and learning to embrace the sticky fingers and wild hair. 


Motherhood is the greatest journey I have ever been on. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and nothing how I imagined it to be. Motherhood is perfect. It’s insane. It’s beautiful. Its difficult. It’s comforting. It’s incredible. 

Motherhood is amazing. I will take the messy days and the sleepless nights. I know one day I will miss it all. So, for now I will love every moment of this crazy, beautiful life. Motherhood is the best thing I ever could have asked for and I am so grateful for the beautiful children I was blessed with.

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