Take the picture, Mama

I love taking pictures. 

I take pictures of my kids, my husband, and pictures of my kids and my husband playing together. I’m the “wait, picture first!” type of mom. I take pictures of the sunset when it looks beautiful. I take pictures of flowers, and rainbows, and whatever memory seems special enough to want to remember it. 


But somehow, in all the over documenting I do, I realized that I rarely document myself in these memories. 

Sure, sometimes there are those random pictures that I appear in, or the ones my mother in law takes that I usually hate (have I thanked you enough for taking those?), but I rarely post them and half the time I pick myself apart in them. 

I forget that my life matters too and seeing me in pictures is important. I forget that my children need to see me in pictures too, and that I need to see a record of myself growing up in motherhood and life, because these are the important years that I’m going to miss. 

A couple of pictures that I probably hated when they were taken, but I am so happy to have now ❤️

So, moms. Get in the pictures. Ask a family member or a friend to take a couple of pictures of you and the kids. Or stop and ask a stranger. I know that’s hard, but ask a fellow mom if she could snap a quick picture of you with the kids. Then return the favor. Be in the family pictures instead of being the pereon behind the camera every time. 

When I’m old and gray, I’m going to miss these years, and the pictures I have are going to mean the world to me and I hope they’ll mean as much to my kids. I know that the pictures I hate and criticize now, I’ll feel so blessed to have in a few years. 

Take the picture, mama. 

I promise you won’t regret it. 


  1. Stephanie says:

    Happy to take them! ❤️


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Love you!! ❤️


  2. Jacklynn White says:

    Oh my gosh i need to listen to this. I have alot of pictures of me and my babies but there mostly selfies and im the one who took the picture still. I feel like no one ever wants to take pictures of me interacting or loving then but I stop every five minuets i swear.


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Foreal! I’m very bad about it too, but our kids need to see us in the pictures too!

      Liked by 1 person

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