Those Clothes Can Wait

This week I felt like a failure.

A failure of a wife, a failure of a mom, even a failure of a person. Most of all, I felt as though I failed in balancing all of these aspects in my life the way I wanted to.

My house was a disaster most days and I finally caught up on washing clothes, just to end up with a massive pile of clothes waiting to be folded that will probably take me another week to do. We only made it to a couple of the fall festivals that I planned to go to, and only trick or treated in one neighborhood. While R napped, I catnapped next to E while she played on her iPad instead of folding laundry or cleaning. We ate too many chicken nuggets instead of the healthy meals I hoped to prepare.


I just felt as though every good intention I had did not go the way I planned.

Do you know who didn’t care or even seem to notice that I didn’t have everything together? My beautiful children and my patient husband.  At the end of the day, my crazy kiddos were happy and unfazed by my imperfections. They laughed and played and my daughter told me she had so much fun trick or treating! My husband thanked me for the things that I got done around the house, even though I only noticed the things I didn’t get done. 


It’s impossible to be at good at everything all at once. Even though you might feel like you have failed, chances are the kids or the husband didn’t even notice and just appreciated the time and energy you put into the things you did accomplish. The best advice I can give you is to not obsess over perfection, because it will drive you crazy and you’ll miss out on the fun you could be having instead. All you can really do is ride the crazy ride we call “life” and love every minute of it. Of course, you’re going to feel stressed or even feel like a failure, but we just have to catch ourselves when we feel we are starting to slip away from happiness. Try the best you can to give attention to the important aspects in your life, but don’t forgot to give yourself credit for what you have accomplished!

Sit and listen to the laughter of your children, or watch that scary movie with your husband on the couch. The massive pile of clothes waiting to be folded can wait.


  1. Amy says:

    I love it. You are so right. Our kids are only little once. ♥


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you! So true ❤️ I try to always remember that!


  2. Jacklynn White says:

    I absolutely love this. I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear/read this. I always worry about my unfolded clothes, unwashed dishes and toys everywhere but truth is none of it matters at the end of the day if my babies are happy and taking care of that’s all that matters. ❤ I’m so glad you started this blog. I’m pretty positive I’m gonna hear everything I need to, to keep going.


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Girl, me too! And I’m sure I’ll always feel a little worried about it. But these babies will only be this little for so long. We have plenty of time to clean ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mackenna Sims says:

    This is inspiring! Great job, you nailed it! ❤


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you so much, sweet girl! 💕


  4. Crysten davis says:

    Love this!! Great advice!


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you! Love y’all!


  5. McCauley Roldan says:

    This was awesome ! I’m looking forward to many more blogs !!


    1. xotaradavis says:

      Thank you!! 💕 there should be some more pretty good ones coming up soon!


  6. Xan Whiddon says:

    Wow didn’t think of it that way… I’ve been a perfectionist sence the day I left home in 2016.. everything has to be clean and if it’s a mess I have to make sure it’s not a big one or I get all OCD about things.. thank you! I needed that!


  7. cucubird89 says:

    I love reading post like this because it reinforces the idea that I’m not the only one who goes through these struggles on the daily.


  8. rbaiano22 says:

    This is very inspiring! I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing!


  9. April J says:

    We do the best we can, I think that we put too much pressure on ourselves and when we can’t complete our goals we hate ourselves for it. Fed kids, clean laundry, catnap. Your week sounds like a success to me😀.


  10. Ya says:

    I indulge in me time and kid time as much as possible. I can care less about my house lol. My boyfriend understands because he knows if he “complains” he’ll look crazy lol because the house maintenance is his job as much as mine. I’m trying to soak in my moments with my babies


  11. jen says:

    My kids are a little older. 17, 12, and 6 and my house is still a mess. Laundry is still piled up! I figure I will have plenty of time to complete all the housework when they are grown and on their own!


  12. Mad Mommy says:

    I feel like this often. But you’re right, the ones that matter don’t notice.


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